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“J Mixx’ Bio

Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina Jay Smith (aka “J” Mixx the Urban Sound Surgeon, aka Mindmixx, aka Spinnaman) has been spinning wax for over 25 years and has been heavily influenced by music since early childhood.

As a child Jay would actually watch the albums and 45’s spin on the family’s record player before he could walk. He was captivated by the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s his parents played around the house including such artist as Otis Redding, Bob James, The Chambers Brothers, Buddy Miles, Cream, Sam Cooke, and countless others.

In the 1970’s Jay became a radio head listening to the radio every chance he had. He always kept a clock radio at his bedside and would listen to local radio stations like WEAL, WCOG, WRQK and others. At night when some of the local stations would go off- air, Jay would pick up radio stations from afar such as WLAC in Nashville, TN, WABC and WNBC in New York City. “It was so exciting for me at that time because I would hear a lot of new songs that weren’t playing in Greensboro.  I would call the local DJ’s to see if they had it, but usually they didn’t.”

Jay has a true love of music from the 1970’s. “I feel extremely blessed to have been growing up during the 70’s. In my opinion the diversity of music of that time will never come again hands down. So for all of you folks that missed out, please do your homework! “You had Soul, Rock, Funk, Pop, the rise and untimely death of Disco, and Punk, as well as the emergence of Reggae and Ska.  All of the music that’s put out today is something that was sampled or was likely influenced from the 70’s. I challenge anyone to that fact!”

Around 1979 Jay would follow his big brother around to some of the neighborhood parks to play basketball and check out the local DJ’s as they set up and played on Sunday afternoons. “At that time the Jocks weren’t mixing the records, they just played the song all the way through and went into the next Song.  I use to stand as close to the DJ as I could to get a glimpse of their equipment and what they were doing. Mean Larry Gene was one of my favorites because he was LOUD, had great personality, and he made you want to party.”

In 1980 Jay attended junior high. (Not middle school) He would sneak his boom box from home and DJ on the bus playing tapes either he made or tapes from a friend in New York. His buddy would send him copies of 98.7 Kiss Master mixes or Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack. “I was so moved by the mixes and studying the changes of the original version to what they remixed.” A few months later the Sugarhill Tour came to Greensboro. The Tour included the Sugarhill Gang, Funky Four plus 1, The Sequence and the unforgettable Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. “Once I saw Grandmaster Flash cut up “Good Times” by Chic and “Another one bites the Dust” by Queen that did it for me, I WAS HOOKED!!!”

Jay begged his father for a mixer, he already had a turntable and Richard (a close friend of his next door) already had a sound system. Jay’s father purchased the mixer and Jay and Richard became a DJ Team called “The Knights of the Sound Table”. Their first gig was a huge success at their local junior high; after a few times playing there, they were getting calls from other schools.  Imagine the egos. J

Once Jay and Richard moved on to high school, they eventually went their own ways. Richard developed a love for cars and spent a lot of time in vocational school, but Jay stuck with his passion and watched his DJ business expand. Jay ended up playing at almost all of the junior and senior high schools in Greensboro and the surrounding areas.

In 1984 after graduating Jay received a call from WEAL- AM. The local radio station was interested in training him to become a weekend personality. “That was totally unexpected, I didn’t know anyone in the radio business and I had no idea how to operate a studio- board.” At first Jay was playing 50’s/ 60’s oldies and eventually started filling in for absent jocks. While at the station, Jay became good friends with the afternoon disc jockey Boo Baron. “Boo was the Man, he played all the new Hip Hop, Go- Go and told silly jokes. He had quite a following with his fans and major contacts with celebrities in the music business.

Boo asked Jay to put together some mixes for him to air during his afternoon shift. The collaboration between Boo and Jay helped make Jay the first DJ to mix Hip Hop on air in Greensboro. Jay and Boo started doing parties all over North Carolina and south side Virginia. One of their most memorable gigs was the summer of 1985 when they were asked to play at a roller rink called Skate Station 1. “Every Wednesday and Saturday nights, people would literally wrap around the building to get in.  A lot of folks didn’t even come to skate, they just wanted to dance so after awhile management decided they would let the skaters do their thing first, then let the party people on the floor for the majority of the night. It was wild, but great.”  Jay also had the pleasure of working and hanging out with celebrities such as Run- DMC, Biz Markie, Heavy “D”, Public Enemy, Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, and others.

In 1990, Jay began doing volunteer work with students at North Carolina A&T State University on the campus Radio Station 90.1 WNAA. The station was supervised by Yvonne Anderson (Music /Program Director) and Operations Manager Tony Welborne. Jay also had his own show at the station called “The Thursday Afternoon Traffic Jam”.

“I really enjoyed working at WNAA in those days, because Yvonne was very open-minded with the music. I would play everything from Hip Hop, Soul, 70’s Ole Skool, Reggae, basically anything, and I could bring my music.”  One day for the 5 o’clock hour set, Jay decided to totally change up the flavor and do a House Mix. “When I tried it I had no idea what I was in for.”  Once Jay started mixing House music on WNAA, the phone lines blew up. Yvonne Anderson and Tony Welborne stated they couldn’t believe the response the 5 o’clock mix brought, so Jay kept bringing his House records along with him on Thursdays. After a month of positive response, Yvonne and Tony asked Jay if he would put together a House mix tape. Once submitted, they came back discussing how they could make this work. “I originally wanted the show to air either Friday or Saturday nights because to me, House music is a night time sound, getting you ready for the club, they didn’t agree with that, so we decided on Saturday afternoons.” After 2 months of promoting and contacting major and independent House labels, the Massive House Mix was born!!!!

Massive House was a big success for 90.1. The show aired from August 1991 until 2000. The cast of the Massive House Mix had different personalities during its run. The personalities included “J” Mixx, KJ, tha lab tech, Tomie “B”, DJ Mano, Tidewaters finest Disco Pete, Nadrell, Pluto, and  DJ Lee. Massive House also featured special guest DJ’s such as DJ Cedric from DC,  Rated “R” from Philadelphia, Horse Rainey, Thomas House from Raleigh, NC, and Kwi, a local college student from Tokyo, Japan.  

In 2006 Jay reunited with former Massive House Mix personalities Tomie “B” and Tidewaters finest Disco Pete to perform mixes for Tomie’s show entitled “The Saturday Night House Party”. The show airs from 9PM until 12AM (Eastern Standard Time) on 90.1 WNAA.

Jay currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his beautiful wife Colleen. Jay is currently studying audio engineering and has future plans of building his own studio where he can record his own music, perform remixes, and help others create and achieve their own musical dreams.       


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