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Tidewater’s Finest Disco Pete Double S

Originally from Chesapeake VA, Disco Pete first interest in DJing came from watching and listening to his uncle Ronnie Knight mixing and spinning disco and funk in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

When he attended college at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC, his roommate during his sophomore year was DJ J-Flex from Kinston, NC.  J-Flex got a set of Technics and hooked them up in the dorm room and the rest was history.  They became the best of friends and the tag “Double S” was given to him by J-Flex when they joined the crew called “The Mystery Men” created by J-Flex, Plain Ole PJ, and Mixmaster “D”.

Later, Double S would be a voice on 90.1 WNAA’s Full Moon Block Party working along side J-Flex, Plain Ole PJ, and Rah Da Def.  Because of his love for house music, he was asked by KJ Da Lab Technician to join 90.1 WNAA’s Massive House Mix.  At the same time, J-Mixx the Urban Sound Surgeon returned to the show and shortly there after, DJ Mano joined the team.  During this time, Double S was taught everything there is to know about radio and spinning records.  It was during this time that J-Mixx gave him the tag “Tidewater’s Finest” to add to Double S.

A few years later, KJ Da Lab Technician along with Double S came up with an idea to start WNAA’s Club 90.1, a mix show playing old school sounds from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.  A short time after the show started, Double S was given the ownership of the show and the tag “Disco Pete” was given once again by J-Mixx. J-Mixx felt this name went better with the flavor of the mix show.  During this time, J-Mixx and BC worked with Disco Pete to produce arguably the best old school mix show in the North Carolina Triad area.

Tidewater’s Finest Disco Pete Double S currently resides in Indianapolis, IN and is a part of 90.1 FM WNAA’s Saturday Night House Party working with Tomie B. AKA DJ Real.

Several people in Radio and DJing have influenced him: J-Flex (for introducing him to the turntables), KJ (for teaching him how to be a great radio personality), Yvonne Anderson (for teaching him how to listen and appreciate music), and J-Mixx (for taking his DJing to a level that would not have been achieved).

Other DJ and Radio Influences:  DJ Mano, Mixmaster D AKA Danni Lucci, T-Luv, Horse Rainey, Nadrell, Thomas House, Cool Chris, Ant Butta, Chopbusta, Tomie B. AKA DJ Real, Rated R, DJ Cedric, Pluto, DJ Polo, K-Knyce, Dirty Eight Productions.




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